Dealing with the effects of damage caused by water.


Water damage is something that most property owners want to avoid at all costs. When there is heavy snow and or rain the risk for this type of damage greatly increases. Water damage has many causes, some of those include: Broken pipes, clogged toilets, cracked or broken dishwasher hose, leaky roofs, leaks within the pipes and even foundation cracks. Everything from floods, to heavy snow and rain are other possible causes. You don’t have to live in a humid state to have water damage. Many dry places such as Denver as have water damage.


Different categories of water damage.

When you are trying to asses the severity of water damage, it’s best to leave it to professionals who have seen countless flooded basements and leaking roofs. Here are the categories:

Category 1: – This is in reference to clean water or water that does not threaten humans, some of the causes of this type of damage are broken dishwasher hose, leaking appliances or sinks that overflow.

Category 2: – This is referring to what they call ‘gray water’ – This means the water has been contaminated and can very well cause illness or sickness if not watched for. These types of water damage include: Broken toilets, sump pumps and or seepage that can occur. There are microorganisms within the water which is the cause of being sick, read more information Water damage in Denver

Category 3: – This often referred to as ‘black water’ This water is absolutely unclean, as it contains the bad bacteria and other things that are known to cause illness in humans. Some of the sources for this type of water are sewage problems or leakage and standing water that gets contaminated.


Damage from water in places like Denver Colorado


Health Hazards to think about

As soon as any type of water damage occurs, it’s best to leave it to professionals who have done this type of work for years. Moisture can promote the growth of mold See( Mold Removal in Denver for more info ) and other organisms which increases the serious risk of health problems. People with weaker immune systems are even more vulnerable to respiratory infection as well as other things. Getting a professional water damage company that can clean up immediately can help minimize exposure or risk on water damage as well as other effects as well. Whether it’s a commercial or residential location, use your best judgment and call the professionals as soon as you possibly can.

With Colorado being such a dry place, we often times deal with Fire damage in Denver as well, unfortunately fires here are often in the summer time.